Journey of Change

Welcome to the Journey of Change, the official blog of WellnessChanger.com .

We all have a journey that we are going through, I like to call it life. The most precious possession we have in this life is our health. Think about it, without good health I’m hampered in every other aspect of my life, from relationships to job responsibilities. According to the CDC,  “Seven out of the top ten causes of death in the US are from chronic diseases.” Though this news sounds depressing, there is some good news in the sea of failing health. Research also shows that proper nutrition and exercise are two things that lower the risk factors of all chronic diseases including cancer.

When mom used to tell me to eat properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods, and dad told me to go play outside they were actually giving me the best advice to stay healthy. Somehow my journey led me to a life so busy I didn’t seem to have time to eat well or exercise with any consistency. I had spent decades surrounded by science, nutritional information, and exercising athletes so I really had no excuse. But one day I woke up middle aged, a bit pudgy, and in the worst shape of my life. As I watched the sunset I thought to myself, this is my life and I get to make choices. Do I want to change or do I want to stay the same.

I felt my ambivalence set in as I thought, “Well of course I want to change, but what if its too hard? What if I fail? “Then I thought about failure. What did I always tell my kids about failure? Failure is not defined by a lack of succeeding in an attempt. It may take you many attempts and you may need to try several approaches or tweak things as you go. I would then point to the  classic examples of  Michael Jordan and Henry Ford as people who “failed” before they succeeded. I reminded my kids the only real failure is when we let fear stop us from trying.

Why do I have such conviction when I tell my kids this and such uncertainty when I apply it to myself? Clearly I had a few demons of fear and self doubt that needed to be slain. So two years ago I decided I would actually apply all the knowledge I had gained over the decades to myself, and not give up regardless of any setbacks. It’s been a fantastic journey of change! I want to invite you to change too. I can hear you (if you’re anything like me) already making excuses:

I don’t have time

My kids are too little

I’m too old

I’m sick

I can’t afford it


So as you look at this sunset you have some choices to make. Is this sun setting on you and your ability to change, or is it setting on all your excuses? My hope is that you’re are willing to say goodbye to all your excuses and enter onto a new path of improved wellness. The best part is if you choose change you are not alone!

Through this blog we will support each other in our journeys. I hope to share with you the many things that helped me go through this awesome process. I can’t wait to hear how you will transform your health and vitality to the best you that you can be. Remember, change doesn’t require perfection just a willingness to persevere. I will share with you tips on nutrition, research, and fitness as we go through the journey together. I always told my kids I want to know your hopes, your dreams and your fears, I’ll try to share mine and I look forward to hearing yours!

Blessings in health,

Jeanne Wisniewski, BS, NTA, CFT